Wednesday, October 7, 2009

September 30, 2009

HelloWe didn't end up going to Banff today. The member that was going to take us had something come up, so we're going to try for sometime in the next couple weeks before it becomes too cold to go. The weather is definetely becoming very cold already. I guess it is classified as Fall here right now, but to me it feels like winter in the mornings and evenings. It is very windy and that makes the cold weather worse. I believe that they are calling for 2 cm of snow this saturday. At certain parts in the city, you can see the mountains off in the distance and they're covered in white most of the time. I've been collecting some wool socks and gloves and things so Ive been staying pretty warm. This is the last week before transfers. I don't think that I will be moving areas, or switching companions, but it is possible. They're opening up a new area because one more spanish missionary is coming from the MTC, so everyone could also be moved around a lot as well. I hope that I stay in the area though, we've had a really good week and keep finding new people to teach. time has truly flown by, it seems like i just left the MTC. the biggest thing that has been holding our investigators back and that we've been struggling with is getting investigators to church. we've decided this week to start a program with the elders quorum to encourage enchanges and also we've been praticing a short lesson that we are sharing with a commitment to attend church to try and bring excitement and also invite the spirit for a direct commitment to come to church. we think that this will really pay off, and with the Lord's help, help them progress towards baptism. we've been praying hard about this, and your prayers would help as well. the language is still progressing. this week, i've had a couple dear experiences, when i know the words that came to my head and the words i said weren't from me. likewise, the countenance of the investigator changed, and their attitude as well. it's hard to express, or put into words, but i know i have been blessed this week with the gift of tongues when needed and this has been an answer to my prayers. thank you for the birthday gifts and your love and support. i haven't mailed the pictures, i was going to wait until i went to banff, but i will mail them today. con amor, elder dunlap

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