Tuesday, October 13, 2009

e-mail trouble 10-13-09

Thank you for the recipe. I don't know if you sent me the soup recipes, because the emails i recieved from last week- like the 6th or something were cut off. I only got a little bit of it. Your other emails I recieved though. The email program is messing up a little. I typed my weekly email and clicked send and then i got locked off, so I lost my email from this week after I had spent over half an hour on it. I'm going to start typing it in microsoft word so that i have it saved. So sorry, I don't have enough time to write it all again. But i'll write the basics. Yesterday was thanksgiving here in canada. We had two dinners- one with a less active family that we ran into from St. Vincent in the carribean. This was on Sunday and we had west indian food with them. The way we found these people was very cool- and at the dinner they shared their experience with praying for help when we arrived with everone adn it was very tuoching. Yesterday, we had a hispanic thanksgiving with three families from the ward. They made turkey with a hispanic salsa in it. They also had TONS of other hispanic foods. I think that I'll be full for a couple days. The work has been split in half because they divided my area, but we're working hard to find creative ways to inspire the members. There's a couple inches of snow this morning and so winter is officially here for probably another 7 months. dad- if you're sending a package- any long johns or wool socks that you have would help- i've picked up 5 pairs of wool socks and some gloves, but pretty soon i'll have to get some thermals to start wearing. sorry about the short email- i promise that i did have a good long one before it got deleted.love you all very much, elder dunlap

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