Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 22, 2009

Hola,This past week has been a pretty good week. We've had a lot of success in the area. We sponsored a ward talent show this past Saturday for a ward missionary activity and it went very well. The members loved it and the whole gym was packed with people. As missionaries, we sang the primary song We'll Bring the World His Truth while a member of the ward accompanied us on the Yukalalee. We wore lava-lavas with our white shirts and did a little choreography. I've got it on my camera and will try to send it soon along with some of the other funny acts fromt the Talent Show. We lacked practice, and actually forgot the words to the third verse, but we made it pretty cheesy and I think that everyone at least laughed because we were so bad. We were able to find a new family of three that we taught a first lesson to this week adn I believe that they have been prepared to accept the gospel and will progress to baptism very soon. We are planning a combined cultural night in november with the missionaries nad members of the spanish branch in the south of the city. This is goign to be at the 17th avenue chapel where deda and grandma served because they're planning for 500 people to attend. We're already inviting people and committing members to prayerfully find families to bring to the event and to meet with us. There's going to be food from all the different Hispanic countries and dances from the countries as well. As missionaries, we'll probably make something cheap like sloppy joes or chili to represent the united states. We're goign to plan some type of song as well for the event. In our weekly planning session this week, I felt inspired to review our ward list. We found a couple addresses that we hadn't visited yet with Less active members. The first one we tried to visit, the address was wrong, but we decided to try the house number at a different street with a similar name in the same area. At the address, we didn't find the person that we were looking for, but we found a less active member living with another less active member couple that just moved here from Peru. We invited the couple from Peru to come to church- and they did this past Sunday. In the basement, there is a family of 5 that are goign to start listening to the lessons as well. Afterwards, we felt great gratitude for being led to this hispanic house. I know it wasn't a coincidence that we had decided to review the member directory that we have.Overall, everything else is going well. I'm getting along well with my companion, we're almost halfway fininshed with this transfer already. Time definently is flying by. Our investigators are progressing slowly but surely, several of them have doubts that we're working hard to try and help them overcome. I really believe that there will be many baptisms very soon in the area. The weather is still cold, it's warmed up some to more of a fall type of weather. It's wet and foggy and windy just about every day right now. We have interviews every 6 weeks with the mission president, adn at this interview, there's a car competition. The companionship with the nicest car in the zone gets to drive the 4 door chevy truck for the next 6 weeks. We just had interviews and are hoping that we will get the truck. I'm doing very well- there's nothing really that I need rigth now. Thank you dad for sending the box, I probably should get it today. The zone gets together every Preparation day for sports at the stake center, so hopefully the zone leaders were able to pick it up. As we find more investigators, and work with more members, we are getting fed more and more. My suits are going to have to be dry cleaned soon because they smell like torillas and hispanic food. Sometimes we tell people that we've just eaten or that we're in a hurry, and they still try to feed us. I'm definetely not starving. The people have great respect for us here and are so loving to us.Thank you for everything!love you, elder dunlap

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