Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 6, 2009

Preparation day is today this week because tomorrow is transfers. We get an email on Tuesdays telling us where we are going so that people can prepare to leave on Wednesday. There aren't any changes in the Spanish other than the boundaries of my area are shifting a little bit. We're going to be sad to lose some of our investigators, but we're also picking up some new neighborhoods. There is a new missionary from the MTC that came yesterday so we now have 14 spanish elders. I assume that next transfer everyone will be moving around in the spanish program, but this transfer, everyone is staying with their trainers. Overall, the work is progressing well. We expect to reach some baptisms with progressing investigators this transfer, we have several that are very close, but just have one doubt to overcome. We hope that with the Lord's help, they can exercise their faith and take the essential step of baptism. I really enjoyed listening to conference. It was a good break from the norm and very inspiring for me. We have an investigator that has two young children and just moved here from Mexico. He is super excited about families and very concerned with raising his kids. We met with him the Friday before conference and he had lots of questions for us about the teachings of the Bible and scriptures about raising children. It was a great opportunity to invite him to conference and promised him guidance about these things. He came to the preisthood session and absolutely loved it. He took pages of notes, and I feel that this will be a key experience in his progression. He really felt how the Gospel can bless his family. The weather has quickly turned very cold. Fall lasted a very short 2 weeks, and there was snow on saturday and sunday. The worst part of the weather is the wind. It makes the weather seem a lot colder. I'm very glad that we have a car. Tell nathan, sara, ashley, shawn, and monica thank you for the package. I got it last wednesday. thank you for the trump tie, i now have the two that they've sent and i picked up an all red one as well, so i'm catching up on shawn's collection. everything is going well, i'm staying warm and being blessed daily. i think thanksgiving here is sometime next week, so i'll be eating a big feast a month earlier than u and miss uelder dunlap

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  1. Hi Iam the father of the Spanish speaking missionary that made it to Calgary yesterday. I am thankful that you have this blog so that we could let our son know of what is going on in his mission beefore he got there. Thank you Joe Rudd