Friday, October 29, 2010

Elder Zivic

Heres a pic of Seth with Elder Zivic of the seventy

Oct. 25,2010

hello family!
like always, things continue to go very well. we were able to go to a baptism last night of a lady named ana lopez that got baptized in the north ward. she recently arrived here- about a month and a half ago from mexico and is working for a coffee and donut place called tim horton's. they sign working contracts with people from mexico to coem and work here for 2 years. the neat thing about her story is that she works with a recent convert that was baptized in march. one of their first days at work together, she was askign him about his religion and told him that was wanted to recieve the lessons with the missionaries. she accepted a baptism date in the first lesson and was very prepared. it was a very spiritual baptism and she invited 4 of her non-member friends from work that came. i love the bishop in the north, bishop ochoa. during his welcome to the ward comments, he talked mostly directly to her freinds about what they'd seen and felt and taught them some of the plan of salvation. he invited them to investigate the church and act on what they had felt. it was pretty neat. i was able to do her baptismal interview on saturday night which is always a neat experience to hear them directly share what they've felt and talk about the whole teaching and changing process.
saturday night, we also had a branch activity called La vina del mar. it's a music festival from chile. the gym was packed full and it went very, very well. there were tons of non-members and we're excited for many of the people that we were able to meet. the acts were mostly representations of famous latin singers and groups which really didn't mean much to us, but it was pretty funny to see and to watch.
we also have good news that our zone had the cleanest cars last transfer, so we won the car trophy and our reward is a pizza party tommorow after our district meetings. unfortunately, we're still driving a pontiac vibe though. it should come in handy with the winter coming though because it's all wheel drive.
the work with the investigators continues to go very well. we feel like we're pretty close to haveing a couple of baptisms. liliana's husband is a member adn she's been coming to church for 3 months or so straight now. she's very involved with the ward and has now told us that she knows the book of mormon is true and that joseph smith was a prophet. there's still a doubt there though that's holding her back that we're trying to overcome. preach my gospel says that sometimes people are like icebergs. 3/4ths of them are under the water and we only see the tip outside of the water sticking out. we're praying and trying to uncover what she's still worried about.
we're also workign with another part member couple. the husband has a date rigth now for the 15th of december and we're strugglign to get them both to come to church. we really feel strongly though that it's actually her that is holding them back adn we have plans to try and help them overcoem that as well. she hasn't been to church in several years and we feel like she's just a little embarassed to come back after all that has happened with her.
other than that, not much is new. the weather is officially cold, there's again a little bit of snwo this morning.
i'm glad to hear that all is well at home!
con amor,
Elder dunlap

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 19 2010

Here are some pictures that I've recently taken. The leaves are pretty much off of the trees now, but they really were very pretty while they were changing. The snow is the view out of the back of our apartment this past friday. It was the first real snow of the year that stuck to the groudn. The weather has warmed up a little bit since though. The other picture is from last monday when elder galloway and I ate with a family that we taught the first time that we were together.
Sorry that I don't have much new from this week. It looks like there aren't any changes in the spanish program for this transfer. The mission as a whole is changing a lot with transfers, but we seem to all be staying in our areas.
We are excited because we have a ward activity that is coming up this weekend called la vina del mar. It's a famous festival that they have in Chile. We've got a lot of members that are bringing friends and we're always able to get some good references from the activities.
On exchanges, Elder Chunn and I set a goal to set up a new investigator appointment. We felt inspired to stop by a former investigator family that we have tried to contact for several weeks without any luck. They immediately answered the door and were initially cold in their response. After some awkward conversation, they opened up and after talkign for a while, the husband told us to call him during the week to set up an appointment to come visit them and talk about God. My testimony was strengthened of how the spirit guides and directs us to accomplish our prayerful goals.
I'm glad to hear that all is well at home! Love and miss you! Elder Dunlap

Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 12

Hola familia!
Sorry that I didn't inform you that I'd be writing today instead of yesterday. I think there were several mothers that called the mission office wondering if their sons were ok. Yesterday was Thanksgiving here and so the libraries were closed. The latin culture didn't really celebrate the thanksgiving holiday. Some of them did, but mostly they are the ones that are canadianized. It was preparation day, but Elder galloway and I went and ate a late brunch with a couple that we taught in the east and that got baptized in april. It was nice to see them again and that they're getting along well. Next week, I will be emailing on tuesday again. Next week is transfer week and we always switch preparation day to tuesday during transfer week. I'm hoping that I don't get transfered and don't really expect to be transfered, but we'll see what happens.
We're teaching a couple new people that we're consistently working with. They all seem to be progressing well and we're expecting to have some baptisms very soon. There are two baptisms this coming weekend in the branch of a Colombian couple and at least one baptism the following weekend. We're really excited for the success that we're being blessed with throughout all of the companionships in the spanish program.
This past week, we had an appointment that fell through even though we had called to confirm the night before. We got back into the car and Elder Galloway said that we should get back out and talk to a lady that was raking her leaves across the street. We were able to have a great conversation with her and share a Book of Mormon with her. She also accepted a return visit to learn more about the church. The lady was in her 70s and about 8 years ago, she started reading the Bible daily. Since then, she said that she has read it through 15-18 times and that it has absolutely changed the person that she is. Wednesdays are normally her baking day and she never leaves her house during that time. But, last Wednesday she was reading the Bible in the morning and felt inspired to change her normal schedule and rake the leaves outside. Her husband was going to rake them that evening after he got home from work, but she thought she'd do it for him. My testimony was strengthened this week that the Lord truly guides and directs this work in all aspects and we can be guided to those prepared in every hour of the day if we take a chance to ask and listen. This lady had baked every Wed. for who knows how long, but the Lord knew we'd be there and that she was prepared to hear our message.
The weather has stayed warm recently, but today has turned cold. I think that the last spurt of warm weather is probably gone. Everything else continues to go very well. Nothing too new has really happened.
Thank you for everything!
Con amor,
Elder Dunlap

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Leadership Training

Heres Leadership Training..
Seth is the one on the right side below the lady in the blue shirt.