Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 19 2010

Here are some pictures that I've recently taken. The leaves are pretty much off of the trees now, but they really were very pretty while they were changing. The snow is the view out of the back of our apartment this past friday. It was the first real snow of the year that stuck to the groudn. The weather has warmed up a little bit since though. The other picture is from last monday when elder galloway and I ate with a family that we taught the first time that we were together.
Sorry that I don't have much new from this week. It looks like there aren't any changes in the spanish program for this transfer. The mission as a whole is changing a lot with transfers, but we seem to all be staying in our areas.
We are excited because we have a ward activity that is coming up this weekend called la vina del mar. It's a famous festival that they have in Chile. We've got a lot of members that are bringing friends and we're always able to get some good references from the activities.
On exchanges, Elder Chunn and I set a goal to set up a new investigator appointment. We felt inspired to stop by a former investigator family that we have tried to contact for several weeks without any luck. They immediately answered the door and were initially cold in their response. After some awkward conversation, they opened up and after talkign for a while, the husband told us to call him during the week to set up an appointment to come visit them and talk about God. My testimony was strengthened of how the spirit guides and directs us to accomplish our prayerful goals.
I'm glad to hear that all is well at home! Love and miss you! Elder Dunlap

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