Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19

Hola familia!
Yesterday morning, we were able to have a meeting with Elder Richard G Scott and also elder brimhall of the seventy. It was a great meeting and i know that all of us learned a lot. i was especially impressed with the christlike attributes of love and compassion that just seemed to radiate from him. he talked a lot about our future after the mission which seems to be a theme that all of the apostles that have visited us seem to talk about. he was a very humorous person as well. sister archibald got up and started sharing many of the instances of the way that he had impacted people over the weekend during meetings that theyh had together. he then stated that it was starting to sound too much like a funeral service for him and that she should quit.
the work here is going great. We've seen several miracles in the area over the past week. We were able to teach a new investigater Alejandro twice over the past week and he seems to be searching for the truth. We also found two people from colombia that were on the sidewalk as we got out of our car that accepted to recieve the lessons. We met another Mexican man named Marcelo as we left a house of a contact that wasn't home. He accepted to meet with us this coming Saturday as well. All of these miracles have came as we followed our plans that we made by the spirit and sought where the Lord wanted us to be. My testimony this week has increased yet again of the importance of effective planning.
i hope that everyone has a great easter. we have a talent night in the ward this coming friday which has kind of caused an uproar. it's good friday which is a sacred day for the catholic church and so when we invite people, everything has thought that it was to a special religious activity associated with easter. members have also seemed reluctant to invite people because they don't want to offend their friends by inviting them to a celebration. but, it should be successful. the activities always help to find new people.
the weather has also been crazy. it snowed 27 centimeters one day this past week, but today, it's sunny and warm again. it sounds like the weather everywhere has been a little crazy.
thanks for everything!
con amor
elder dunlap

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