Friday, April 15, 2011


OPPS! Hi this is Sara, I must have forgot a letter from march and just found it in my email.

Hola familia!
We're excited because everything went great with the baptism yesterday. We got a little scared because on Saturday the 15 year old girl got a little scared about the baptismal interview and her mom showed up on saturday morning alone. But, we were able to talk to her and she had her interview as well on sunday morning before church. The baptism was very spiritual because of the way that the spirit has really worked in the lives of this family during the past two weeks and because several members had great experiences fellowshipping and helping out with the lessons. I ended up baptizing them both. Beatriz the mom had asked me to baptize and confirm her nad Elder SOlis was goign to baptize the daughter, but he had some troubles getting her under the water. After 5 failed attempts, I ended up doing it instead. Everyone felt pretty bad for him, but it turned up alright.
We again were able to experience a wonderful miracle this past week with the same family. We went to an appointment with Beatriz and Michelle this past Wednesday and were surprised when the other daughter named Estefania sat down to listen to the lesson. She had refused to listen the week before and was somewhat resistent to her mom and sister getting baptized. Her mom was a little upset about it, but told us that she was going to pray for a miracle. Estefania tearfully explained to us that on Tuesday evening she had decided to read the pamplets we had left with her mom and a little bit from the Gospel Principles book. As she read, the spirit very strongly testified to her of the truth and it totally changed her heart. After reading the pamplets, she gave her cigarettes to her friend the next day at work and told us that she was giving up alcohol. She told us that she wants to be baptized as soon as she can and after the baptism yesterday of her mom and sister, we were able to set a date with her for april 3. There will be a couple of hurdles because she works all day on Sundays at a restaurant and it's their busiest day, but we know that the Lord will keep providing miracles for this family. I've again increased in my testimony of the power of the Holy Ghost in conversion through this choice experience.
It's again snowing here, but the cold weather should soon be gone hopefully. Everything else seems to be going great.
Here's pictures from yesterday. Hopefully, there will be more soon on the 3rd of april. ALso, a picture of the current temple.
Thanks for evertyhing!
COn amor,
Elder Dunlap

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