Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3, 2010

Hola Familia!

We had an all around tough week last week, but we continue to work hard. It seemed like we just had a lot of canceled and rescheduled appointments. I know that it was a trial of our faith to begin the excitement of this month though.
Our miracle for the week was one night as we were praying, a name of a past investigator came to mind. We decided to visit him the next day. The old investigator had moved, but we found other relatives of his that still lived in the house from Peru and were very open to us. We were able to schedule a time to return and teach them. We have great hope that they'll soon lead to some very promising investigators.
A member also brought a lady from Ecuador to church on Sunday unexpectedly. We have an appointment to begin teaching her as well this week. She told us that she loved church and wants to continue coming.
The last couple days, we've also been able to schedule appointments with several new people that we've met as well. We're really trying hard to focus on finding those that the Lord has prepared to hear us through the members.
The excitement is Canada has been that Canada beat the United States in the Olympics in hockey. After church on Sunday, there were lots of people in the streets screaming and shouting and waving Canadian flags. We made the mistake of telling on of our neighbors that we're from the United States. He wasn't very nice.
The weather has been warming up and it's been nice to be able to walk around some more. Being able to talk to people on the streets more really brings a more "missionary like" spirit to the work.
We just recieved an email that Elder Bednar is coming on March 13th to visit us in Lethbridge! The whole mission is getting together in Lethbridge from 8-11 on Saturday March 13th. We're soo excited for what he has to say. There's two talks that we're supposed to study. Ask in Faith and Seek Learning by Study and Faith. This is supposed to be the topic for his conference with us. I really couldn't be more excited!
This Saturday, we're also goign to the Cardston temple for the first time. We don't get a Preparation day today, we are taking it on Saturday so that we can go to the temple. The entire Spanish ward is going on a bus and we're riding with some members. I haven't been to the temple since the MTC and so we're excited for the opportunity. There's a recent convert family that was baptized a year ago that will also be getting sealed. It should be a wonderful experience.
My studies continue to be focused in the challenge to read the Book of Mormon focusing on Christ from Sister Archibald. I am loving the examples of christlike attributes that I continue to find daily. I think that it's really helping me in my life, as well as our mission to become more christlike and unified.
The entire mission including members are fasting on this Sunday for the baptisimal goal in March and you all are invited to participate as well. I know that the prayers and fasting are helping to strengthen us. I'm glad to hear that all is well at home!
Miss you all!
Con Amor,
Elder DUnlap

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