Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23, 201014

Hola familia!
I hope that everyone at home is great.
Last night, we were able have two baptisms in the branch. Two young mexicans named Jose and Elebit were baptized. Elder Chunn and I had begun teaching them and set a date with them before I left the downtown area. We had felt good about extending a commitment to find someone to recieve the blessing of the gospel in 7-days to an inactive member. We knew that he worked with several spanish speaking people. THe member was able to set up an appointment for us about a month and a half ago and they were baptized last night. It was neat to see how the experience has really helped the member grow in his faith and return to activity. We've really tried to focus on that truth. That this commitment is a way for the members to draw closer to Christ and recieve the blessings of sharing the gospel. Also, to help them experience the joy that comes from sharing the gospel. At first, I really thought the challenge was just a way for us to have someone to teach, but as we've focused more on the blessings and benefits of others, it's been more effective and also has brought a such stronger spirit. The baptism last week was a result of a similar challenge as well. These experiences have really helped both the ward in the north and our branch become even more excited about missionary work.
Elder Davies nad I had a neat experience on exchanges this week. We went by several contacts and while walking, we talked to everyone in our path. It was a small goal that we set when we started walking. We were able to give out a couple cards or pamplets, but didn't really see any immediate results. As we were returning to the apartment for dinner, we were approached by a young lady that asked if we were from Jesus Christ. She said that she needed help to quit smokign because she had recently found out she has asthma and needed God's help to overcome the addiction. We were able to teach her about prayer and the power of the scriptures and we said a prayer with her. She accepted an invitation to teach her in her house as well. Afterwards, Elder Davies pointed out how we had been blessed for being obedient and talkign to everyone. I know that's true and my testimony has been strengthened of obedience and that the Lord puts those prepared in our paths.
Not too much has changed over the past week. We continue to work hard to find some new people to teach.
I ask you to keep my companion Elder Galloway's family in your prayers. His dad has had very serious cancer ever since the time he left for the mission. He got special permission to talk to him this week on the phone because it doesn't look like he'll make it much longer. The doctors have taken him off of pretty much all treatment so he can have a peaceful time in the next while. He continues to stay positive and work hard though. We just try to stay extra busy to not think about it.
Thank you for everything. I love you all!
COn amor,
Elder Dunlap

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