Monday, May 24, 2010


Hola familia!
It's good to hear that everyone is going well with the baby for Sara and adoption. I hope and pray that everything works out well. I've attached a picture of our bedroom and the house that we live in. The house is divided into 4 apartments and we live in the bottom right apartment. It's nice because we have a large park with a soccer field across the street. Our neighbor downstairs is a guy named Donnie. He's had trouble with alcohol and drugs and things in his life, but now he's cleaned up his life and reads everyday in the Book of Mormon. He's read it almost twice now all the way through. He hasn't been baptized, but the English elders come by and teach him every once in a while. He really takes care of us with anything we need. He's fun to live next to.
The work continues to progress well. Natalia wants to go to the single adult ward in the stake and she loves the activities there. She has some doubts about baptisms for the dead. She has had 3 non-member freinds already tell her untrue things about the church. She recognizes though that it's Satan trying to keep her from something good for her. She knows what she's felt at church and in answer to her prayers and she continues to stay strong. The freind that invited her to church is from Israel and is there for the summer. Natalia knows that she wants to be baptized but is telling us that she wants to wait until August when her freind can be at her baptism. We think with time these doubts will subside and there's probably something else holding her back right now.
Enrique and Francisco seem to still be progressing well. We've been able to meet with them both some individually which is better to help them each recieve what they need right now.
We're excited because we just got a new ward mission leader that is excited to start working with us. We have been without a ward mission leader for about a month now because he decided to start attending an English ward. Our new leader really seems to be on top of things.
We've started teaching an English class that we hope will lead to some new investigators soon. The last two weeks we've had about 8-9 people there. Teaching Enlgish is alot harder than I thought, but we've gotten the support and help of the stake. They are buying materials and calling teachers. Our stake president was a mission president in NYC and he said that 60percent of the baptisms in his mission came from the classes. We've already been able to establish some good freindships with the class members and I think it'll lead to some great things.
I love you all and thank you for your support!
Con Amor,
Elder Dunlap

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