Saturday, January 9, 2010


Hola familia!I hope that everyone had a great Christmas! It was good to be able to talk to everyone for a short bit, although I wish that it could have been longer. We had a great Christmas. We are blessed to have many caring members that take care of us and we had many dinners and lunches for the holidays. It was great to be able to talk to everyone a short bit, although i wish that it could have been longer. It was good to hear that everyone seems to be doing well. I hope that the trip to California went well. I heard that a plane to Detroit had a terrorist and that the airlines are all getting even more strict. Hopefully, everything worked out well.Transfers are today and I’m staying in my area. I’m super excited though. I’m getting a new companion- Elder Galloway from Star Valley, Whyoming. He was in my district in the MTC. It’s going to be challenging because we’re both pretty new and fresh with the language. I’m going to admit that I’m kind of scared. With the current program, there’s 7 new elders and 7 old elders who have at least 15 months out. Elder Galloway and I are the first new ones to be put together. My current companion, Elder Krueger is becoming a zone leader with another senior spanish elder over an english zone in the south of the city. They are still goign to work in Spanish, but just cover an english zone. It’s a change because historically that’s never really happened in the mission. It should be fun, I’ll admit that I’m a little scared, but I have a ton of respect for Elder Galloway and I’m sure that we’ll get along well with the help of the Lord. The work this week has went well. We had started to really work hard with the investigators that we had. We were trying to initiate contact every day with all of them. Some of them, this really worked well with, and with others, it has led to them really being dropped for now. We’ve been working with the members to find new investigators. Saturday night, during our companionship prayer, I was praying for our investigators that they would be able to come to church adn felt inspired to pray that a member would bring someone that we didn’t know to church and we could start teaching them. The Lord answered our prayer on Sunday. A member brought a family member adn they approached us after sacrament meeting together said that they’d like to start the lessons with us. We have our first appointment tomorrow. This was our miracle for the week, and how thankful I am for the experience. Continue to pray that we find new investigators this week. I know that the Lord is answering your prayers for me and my companion. The weather warmed up around Christmas a little bit. It’s been around freezing the last couple of days which has been nice. But, the snow is probably here to stay for another 6 months or so I assume. All is well. Thank you so much for the packages and Christmas presents. I had a great Christmas! I love yo uall and hope that this week goes well!Con AMor,seth

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