Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sept 9, 2009

Hola!This week has been another good week. Our investigators all seem to be doing well. Our two with a baptisimal date from Nicaragua had to push back the day because of work schedules, but they seem to still be doing very well. We pray for them all daily and I know that the Lord strengthens them and us as well as we try to help them progress towards baptism. We've had some very fortunate events this week that have brought us new investigators to begin teaching as well. A new investigator invited 2 friends over for a first lesson which we found out when we showed up. It was a very pleasant surprise and they all seemed super excited about the message. The mission president also has really stressed working with the members. We prayfully selected 3 member families to teach short lessons to and work with this week. We had planned on sharing a message with these familes as a dinner message and really emphasizing that the Lord wanted them to find someone for us to teach in their home in the next week. This is a new 7 day plan to work with the members that our mission president is emphasizing. When we went to two of them for dinner, they had already invited a non-member over to eat with us and after dinner, both the non-members agreed to begin the lessons in the homes of the members. We didn't even have to ask the members. This was our miracle for the week. We felt very aprehensive about beginning this program with members and asking them to specifically to find someone in the next 7 days for us. But, with 2 of the 3, they had already been prepared and been thinking about this and had someone ready. I know that our prayers are being answered and the Lord is preparing people for us to teach. Everyone from my district at the MTC seems to be doing very well. Several have already had baptisms in the short time they've been here. We have a mission tour with a general authority tomorrow. So we'll all be together except elder S.walker for the day. This should be a nice reunion. I'm excited to see them, as well as be counseled by a general authority. I dont remember who is coming but he's from the 1st quorum of the 70 i believe. The weather is starting to get cool. We wear suits now and I bought a wool and casmere jacket to wear for milder weather right now over my suit coat. During the day isn't bad but the morning and evenings get pretty windy and cold. mom asked abuot things for my birthday. i really don't need anything except winter clothes. snow gloves, wool socks, scarves, thermals really. i think it's really expensive to send packages though so i really wouldn't worry about sending anything. it would probably cost more to send the package them the items cost and there's a ton of thrift stores here. canadian people must like thrift stores.some nice information is that we were driving a 4 door chevy colorado truck, but we traded with the zone leaders a couple days ago because they had some packages to pick up. every transfer at interviews there's a car competition to see who has the cleanest. the cleanest in your zone gets to pick whatever car they want- which is the truck for everyone. we'll find out the results tomorrow at mission conference. we'll probably end up keeping the chevy malibu we have. hope all is well at home! thank you so much for the prayers and love! i'm doing great and am very happy to be serving here. i love the ward that i'm in. they asked elder chunn and i to bear our testimonies yesterday. i luckily don't think that i said anything i wasn't supposed to or got any words mixed up. i love everyone!elder dunlap

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